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The basis for a Total Quality Strategy is a comprehensive as well as flexible Quality Management System. In order to achieve complete Quality coverage organizations need to go beyond a traditional Quality approach including all quality relevant processes, materials, documents, and metrics for every phase of the product lifecycle from ideation to post-market. Quality must become a behavioural change that is enabled by adequate tools and systems. Total Quality will not only ensure compliance but lead to improved product quality with increased consistency and reliability, reduced costs, improved productivity, and improved cross-functional collaboration.

During this webinar BIOVIA will highlight:

  • Key items to consider when implementing a Total Quality Strategy
  • Quality related challenges that can be addressed by a Total Quality approach
  • The business benefits of a Total Quality Strategy that goes beyond Compliance
  • How BIOVIA Total Quality can improve Quality throughout the entire product lifecycle
  • How to leverage an integrated EQMS as the core of your Total Quality approach

Presented by:
Dr. Daniela Jansen and Cyril Walsh

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Bringing Your Total Quality Strategy to the Next Level

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