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In a recent survey conducted by LNS Research of over 1000 companies, the top quality management challenges facing Life Sciences companies are quality departments being viewed as a policing function and disparate quality systems and data. There are many reasons life sciences companies face these challenges, from poor organizational structure that allow silos to persist to the lack of a comprehensive Total Quality approach.

In this upcoming webcast, President and Principal Analyst LNS Research, will present a new framework for understanding how to implement a Total Quality Strategy in life sciences. This framework is built upon the well-established ISA-95 model to include a complete value chain perspective and drill down to examine the interactions between quality functions and business processes across research, development, compliance, manufacturing, and delivery. In the webcast benchmark survey data will also be presented and many questions will be answered including:

  • How can my company start on a Total Quality journey?
  • What is the difference between a plant level non-conformance and enterprise CAPA?
  • What are the critical integration points for EQMS, Quality Control and Testing, and Materials Quality Management and more?
  • What is the relationship between enterprise quality processes, materials and document management?
  • What quality metrics drive business performance?
  • What are the business benefits of a Total Quality Strategy?
  • How many companies today have implemented quality management best practices and how many are planning to?

Presented by: 

Matthew Littlefield
President and Principal Analyst

LNS Research
       Daniela Jansen, Ph.D.
Sr. Solution Marketing Manager
BIOVIA, part of Dassault Systèmes

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The Importance of Implementing a Total Quality Strategy in Life Sciences

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