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Are you using SharePoint for collaboration and content management in your organization?

Whether you know it or not you are probably already using SharePoint for uncontrolled content management and collaboration. The question is how to expand SharePoint within the enterprise to manage controlled content and quality processes. SharePoint can even help you migrate off file shares and legacy point solutions to a single enterprise platform for Quality Management.

This webinar covers some of the key challenges for managing controlled content on SharePoint:

• How to enable 21 CFR Part 11 Compliance with a SharePoint-based Quality Management Solution (QMS)
• Meet regulatory requirements for full traceability across the document lifecycle
• How to minimize risk in the validation process
• Manage GMP processes such as Deviations, CAPAs and Change Control
• Drive changes to controlled documents and SOPs within your Quality Processes
• Leverage reporting on aggregate QMS data to drive continuous improvement

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Presented by: Wesley Flake, BIOVIA Senior Field Application Engineer

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Extend your SharePoint platform as a QMS for Controlled Document & Quality Process Management

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