Introducing License to Cure for BioPharma – Industry Solution Experience


Pharmaceutical and biotech companies need an effective way to adapt and manage their processes in order to industry demands such as competition, globalization, lower margins and increasing regulatory requirements. Adding to these challenges is the fact that functional areas within organizations often have their own silos of content not easily shared with each other.

Dassault Systèmes License to Cure for BioPharma provides an integrated, online platform where companies can digitally share activities across their global operations. By focusing on the therapeutic lifecycle, the solution creates a seamless and continuous data flow that enables transparency from clinical activity through manufacturing and full commercialization.
License to Cure provides a connected and comprehensive regulatory and quality platform to accelerate therapeutic approval, production and patient adoption in a global landscape.

In this white paper we will cover:
  • The latest trends and challenges facing the pharmaceutical and biotech industries
  • How the License to Cure for BioPharma can address those challenges
  • Examples of organizations that have used the capabilities of License to Cure and the benefits they have gained
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Accelerate Therapeutic Approval and Production in a Global Landscape