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Changes in the life science industry have been unusually dramatic and swift, resulting in core paradigm shifts in both strategies and processes.

Leaders in this area have recognized that the industry is not significantly different from other industries, enabling them to adapt cross-industry best practices in an accelerated fashion in pursuit of both strategic advantage and operational excellence.

Join Alan S. Louie, Ph.D. of IDC Health Insights for this informative webinar on the challenges and strategies available to life science organizations. Webinar attendees will gain IDC’s expert insight and analysis on the following areas:

  • Trends and implications: Recent industry trends & findings, plus implications for future success
  • Innovation Strategies: Highlight the biggest challenges facing life science innovation plans and implications of successful strategies
  • A new collaborative framework: Introducing IDC’s new framework for improved collaboration between R&D and manufacturing teams for improved data access and utilization, better collaboration and improved processes across the scientific lifecycle
  • Operational Excellence: The capabilities that are afforded by this new collaborative framework 
  • IDC Opinion and Guidance: Recommendations for developing effective collaborative tools and processes

Presented by:

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Alan Louie, Ph.D., Research Director, IDC Health Insights

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IDC Insights Webinar: Operational Excellence in Times of Rapid Change in Life Sciences

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