Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Surveys Industry Leaders on the Value of Improved Process Understanding for Manufacturing Operations

Pharmaceutical Manufacturing teamed up with BIOVIA to survey 115 industry-leading pharmaceutical, biopharmaceutical, contract and generic pharma companies to learn more about current product and process understanding approaches among life science manufacturers and to identify opportunities for industry-wide improvement.

The results show a large disconnect, and with it, a tremendous opportunity. While many leaders understand the correlation between process and product understanding and quality, many still don’t use tools and processes to take advantage of the benefits of these areas. What is causing this disconnect? And how can manufacturers overcome the barriers that prevent them from increasing quality, and the profitability that goes with it? This informative, new white paper will discuss the challenges and introduce BIOVIA's solution to overcome those challenges. 

Capabilities mentioned in this white paper help form the Made to Cure Industry Solution Experience, which is powered with the 3DEXPERIENCE platform apps from BIOVIA.

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White Paper:

Pharmaceutical Product and Process Understanding