On Demand: The Value of a Collaborative Framework for CPG Innovation

The ability for CPG companies to introduce new successful products to market is the lifeline of the industry. Absent of a continuous supply of innovative products your company portfolio risks being left behind, resulting in negative impacts on your sales and profits. In order for CPG manufacturers to ensure productivity and efficiency in the commercialization of innovative new ideas it is essential to adopt a collaborative framework to ensure the operational excellence of your business.

Session Highlights Include
  • Uncover the top business drivers and challenges for CPG companies, including the success rates of new products and the reasons for poor performance
  • Learn how changing customer demands are requiring CPG organizations to accelerate product life cycles
  • Discover why world-class innovation processes require a collaborative product innovation platform that enables access to research data and visibility across the entire innovation ecosystem

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Simon Ellis
Program Vice President, Supply Chain Strategies

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IDC Webinar Introduces a New Collaborative Framework to Achieve Operational Excellence

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