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BIOVIA is proud to announce the latest release of Discoverant, version 5.0.

The new Discoverant 5.0 offers numerous enhancements that have excited long-time and new users alike. The most notable updates include the Role-Based Signal Monitoring Dashboards for Process Performance Monitoring and Interactive Graphical Process Genealogy Mapping. 

The Signal Monitoring Dashboard solution is a validated environment that satisfies requirements for Continued Process Verification (CPV), process robustness and process performance visibility needs across local operations and global manufacturing networks that include Contract Manufacturing Organizations (CMO's). Automated alerts are driven by a sophisticated and flexible rules engine providing review-by-exception for efficient Process and Product Monitoring (PPM).

The Genealogy Mapping solution offers the validated capability for visualizing all the points where splitting and pooling occur in the process stream during operations. By simply clicking on the map, users can easily see all the input and output relationships in the process stream from the start to the end of the process as they relate to any unit operation.

Please complete the form to access the 4-part video series to learn more and see Discoverant 5.0 in action.

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