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Data integrity and quality are foundational for regulatory compliance and good science, an issue that was recently highlighted by new FDA guidance for Data Integrity and Compliance with cGMP". This guidance was issued to address a growing number of data integrity violations and underscores the importance of data quality and integrity to support intellectual property protection and patient filings in regulated and non-regulated spaces.

Intended for leaders in science-based organizations, this webinar about how to achieve integrity of scientific and quality data in your organization will examine the relevance of data integrity and how it can be achieved from a process and technology perspective. We will discuss the impact and value of data integrity for an organization, how BIOVIA solutions can help, and share examples where customers have been able to ensure data integrity by implementing these solutions realizing tangible business value.

Key Learning Objectives:

  • Why are regulators around the globe focusing on data integrity
  • How does the FDA guidance define and address data integrity
  • What is the importance and relevance of data integrity
  • How the BIOVIA solutions can help
Presented by:

Daniel R. Matlis
Daniela Jansen
Director Product Marketing
Cyril Walsh
Sr. Presales Manager

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Data Integrity - A Requirement for FDA Compliance, Quality and Beyond

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