The New IDC Energy Insights White Paper


IDC Energy Insights’ new white paper, “Sustainable Collaboration in Oil and Gas Refining: Becoming a Super-Refiner,” discusses the challenges and how refining organizations can overcome them.

Download the whitepaper and readers will gain:

  • A clear understanding of the situation pertaining to oil and gas organizations
  • IDC industry analysts’ views on the innovation opportunity available to refiners
  • Insights from IDC experts on an innovation framework that can be applied specifically to these oil and gas organizations 
  • An outlook for the future that can help organizations reduce the risk they face for continued market and pricing pressures

Capabilities discussed in the white paper can be found in Dassault Systemes’ Sustainable Product Industry Solution Experience. Sustainable Product is powered with the 3DEXPERIENCE platform apps from BIOVIA.

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Sustainable Collaboration in Oil and Gas Refining: Becoming a Super-Refiner