New White Paper from IDC Health Insights examines industry trends, new challenges and emerging capabilities in biologics

With many recent blockbuster patents expiring, the pharmaceutical industry finds itself in the middle of a transformation. Leading life science organizations are updating their business strategies to include the pursuit of a new market opportunity – the discovery and development of biologic therapeutics. But despite the upside that accompanies this market shift, biologics R&D can be challenging due to process inefficiencies such as:

  • A lack of standardization in how experiment data is managed
  • Ineffective data mining capabilities that result in repeating experiments
  • Managing globally distributed teams that make collaboration difficult

Existing solutions can be pieced together to help get biologics to market, but they are not practical. In a new white paper, IDC Health Insights’ Alan Louie examines challenges faced by life science R&D teams, keys to evolving for long-term sustainability and emerging holistic capabilities in biologics discovery and development.

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The Case for Intelligent Design (and Infrastructure) in Life Science Biologics R&D