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Faced with growing pressure to bolster shrinking pipelines, accelerate innovation, streamline R&D and improve the rate of return, pharmaceutical companies are exploring new business models and technology that can drive innovation, improve collaboration and accelerate new product development. Join Alan Louie, Research Director for IDC Health Insights Life Sciences Practice as he examines these challenges and explores emerging solutions including external collaborations and cloud-based technologies that support innovation, facilitate knowledge sharing, and reduce IT overhead.

It is estimated that within the next 3-5 years the majority of pharma research activities will transition to the cloud. Pharma companies must begin now to define and implement their cloud migration strategies. Does your organization have a plan? Watch this presentation to learn more.

What is covered
  • Industry trends and challenges impacting pharma’s adoption of the cloud
  • How to support external collaborations and outsourcing in the cloud
  • Best practices for developing migration roadmaps in research informatics

Presented by:

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Alan S. Louie, PhD
Research Director
IDC Health Insights
      Ton van Daelen, PhD
Senior Product Director
Dessault Systèmes BIOVIA

The Compelling Case for Cloud Computing in Life Sciences Research: Are You Ready?

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