As the FDA shifts its focus from regulatory compliance to product quality and quality metrics, life science organizations are realizing the positive business impacts of moving from mere compliance to a broader ‘Total Quality’ approach.

A comprehensive strategy will not only improve Quality but lead to Operational Excellence.

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  • How to minimize non-value-added manual tasks and increase efficiency in Quality Data and Document Management

  • How to easily aggregate, contextualize, analyze and leverage quality and process data
  • How to reduce the cost of periodic reporting for review and compliance (Annual Product Review – APR, and Periodic Review – PQR)

  • How to support collaboration and communication within your internal and external ecosystem

  • How an integrated, end-to-end Quality solution can help drive Compliance, Quality and Business Excellence across the entire product lifecycle

Featured Speakers: Dr. Daniela Jansen and Cyril Walsh

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How to Simultaneously Optimize Quality and Manufacturing Processes

Live Webinar: April 6 at 3:00pm GMT / 10:00am EST