Selecting a cloud-based solution to support collaborative research

Many science-based organizations are moving collaborative relationships beyond traditional boundaries and creating flexible networks of researchers to address rising costs and risks, improve innovation and focus on core competencies.

With cloud adoption significantly enhancing collaborative projects, increasing operational agility and lowering total cost of ownership (TCO), cloud computing has become a valuable and viable solution today; however, organizations are often uncertain about the best way to evaluate, select and implement a cloud collaboration platform.

Download Cloud-Based Research Informatics – Improve Collaboration, Agility and TCO Across Different Industries, to learn about:

  • Challenges of internal and external collaboration
  • Pros and cons of cloud computing
  • How organizations can manage the transition to partner workspace in the cloud
  • Questions to ask when investigating and selecting a cloud-based collaboration solution

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Cloud-Based Research Informatics:
Improve Collaboration, Agility & TCO Across Different Industries

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