Digitalization in the Oil & Gas Industry
Driving Sustainable Innovation
Featuring Research from Gartner
"A unified digital framework – the Digital Lab – which can support end-to-end scientific data management, lab execution, analytics, quality, modeling and simulation can support innovation and sustainability goals for the oil & gas Industry while decreasing costs.

I invite you to explore Gartner’s recent CIO Agenda highlighting how far along the oil & gas industry is in adopting such a framework, including items which can be enhanced through a strategy to digitalize workflows and information throughout a company."

Michael Doyle
Director and Principal Scientist
Dassault Systèmes BIOVIA

Plus, learn how BIOVIA can support upstream and downstream workflows in Oil & Gas
Building a Digital Scientific Ecosystem for the Modern Oil & Gas Enterprise
Many legacy systems are not designed to support the digital capabilities required to achieve the operational needs of the modern oil & gas enterprise. As a result, leading organizations are finding new ways to overcome the significant "technical debt" they face.

Gartner’s recent CIO survey on the current push towards digitalization in the Oil & Gas industry can provide best practices on how your organization can plot a path to future success.